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Desert Rose

Desert Rose
Desert Rose



In the heart of arid sands, where life's denied,

A solitary beauty, in colours undenied.

Sean Knipe's Desert Rose, a masterpiece profound,

A tale of nature's resilience, on parched ground.


A canvas of desolation, where the sun blazes high,

Yet amidst the heat and dust, it refuses to die.

A flower of the desert, resilient and bold,

Its vibrant hues of crimson and gold.


Each petal tells a story, of strength and grace,

In this unforgiving terrain, it finds its place.

With thorns that guard its fragile core,

A symbol of endurance, forevermore.


The backdrop of the dunes, a golden sea,

Enhances the contrast, for all to see.

The starkness of the desert, the bloom's delight,

In Sean Knipe's masterpiece, a wondrous sight.


In the midst of desolation, it stands alone,

A beacon of hope, where seeds are sown.

A testament to the beauty that can arise,

In the harshest of landscapes, under desert skies.


So, let us pause to admire and compose,

In awe of Sean Knipe's Desert Rose.

For in this painting, we find a truth,

That even in adversity, there's beauty, forsooth.




150cm x 140cm cradled wood panel.

40cm deep sides.









This piece was carefully hand-crafted oil paints with a clear resin coat applied over the painting to achieve depth and a high gloss finish that emulates the look of glass. All pieces are marked and hand signed in the back of the panel. Certificate of authenticity included. Canvas mounted on frame, ready to hang.




Worldwide shipping availability upon request. Please contact me for a quote.




If you have any questions or would like to custom order a commissioned piece, please feel free to send me a message.

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