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Model: Crushed Glass
Crushed Glass 4.8mmOur finely textured crushed glass offers effortless application and manipulation, facilitating seamless integration into resin, acrylic, and various other mediums.Crafted to capture and refract light, each fragment of crushed glass lends a captivating sparkle to your geode-inspire..
Brand: ACCESSORIES Model: Crystal Quartz
Clear Quartz PointsClear quartz stands out as a remarkably versatile healing stone within the realm of crystals. Possessing significant potency, it exhibits efficacy across a broad spectrum of conditions. Its formidable attributes extend to enhancing psychic faculties, fostering concentration, bolst..
Model: Enigmatic Emerald
In swirls of enigmatic emerald hue, A canvas whispers secrets, old and new. Sean Knipe's brush, a conduit of mystery, Unveiling realms beyond our ordinary history.In depths of green, a tale untold, Where whispers of the past, like shadows, fold. Each stroke, a whisper of hid..
Model: Marigold Mirage
In the golden haze of Marigold Mirage, Where hues dance in an abstract collage, Brushstrokes swirl in a vibrant trance, A masterpiece born of wild romance.With each stroke, a tale untold, In the kaleidoscope of colours bold, Marigold whispers secrets deep, In the silenc..
Model: Rainbow Art Mirror
Dimensions: Width: 110 cm, Depth: 8 cm, Height: 182 cm Price: R22,500At Sean Knipe Art, we proudly present a curated collection of exquisite mirror frames tailored to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Our range encompasses a spectrum of designs, ranging from timeless classics to in..
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