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Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz

Clear Quartz Points

Clear quartz stands out as a remarkably versatile healing stone within the realm of crystals. Possessing significant potency, it exhibits efficacy across a broad spectrum of conditions. Its formidable attributes extend to enhancing psychic faculties, fostering concentration, bolstering the immune system, warding off negativity, and mitigating discomfort. Moreover, clear quartz serves as a conduit for higher self-information, facilitating spiritual evolution. Demonstrated to fortify and refine one's aura, it plays a pivotal role in opening, activating, and aligning the chakras. Characterized by predominantly clear quartz crystals boasting a distinct crystalline structure, these specimens prove ideal for integration into resin art, particularly in the creation of geodes.

Each crystal possesses unique characteristics, resulting in slight variations in size and shape.


  • Type: 6-sided points
  • Price: Per piece

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  • Model: Crystal Quartz
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